9 Day Home Buyers 2

We are 9-day home buyers and buy homes in Calgary directly from the landlord for cash. Why? The quick answer is that we enjoy remodeling homes and it’s very rewarding. The last thing we want is to give you a headache when you sell your house to us. There is another reason that I will explain later.

Think about the last time you saw a model home. I usually think: DAMN, I wish my house looked like this. Clean… updated with the most expensive options… perfectly organized..

Well, we buy houses in Calgary and we can make them look like this! However, there is a small but crucial difference. We’re not updating just for the sake of getting better. While we’re very proud of our rehabilitation efforts, we want to make the most of our money to keep our repair costs low. If you’ve already read how we calculate our offers, you know what that means.

Higher offers, of course! And what’s more important…

We really care! This isn’t just a way to make money, although it’s important. By doing so, we can strengthen our communities, help people who need what we offer, and promote humanity beyond real estate.

The most important thing for us… is that we do what’s right for you. Seriously. We are a great option for many and we recognize that we are just that: an option. If we think there’s a better one for you, we’ll say so. In fact, we’ve already prevented people from selling their homes once.

Either way, the decision is entirely in your hands. We will NOT send jewelry to work with you. It will be one of the faces you’ve seen on this website that represents our core values, that cares about putting the owner first and that is an expert in real estate. We promise to be fair and transparent.

A legitimate home buying company 9 Day Home Buyers buys homes in exchange for a cash payment for investment purposes. Our cash offerings are based on fair market values, and we do our best to provide offers that work. Because we use our own money, we don’t have to rely on financial institutions to approve our purchase, so we can act quickly and flexibly.

Empower humanity. Our mission is to create a company that helps people in need so that we can help more people in need. We believe that local non-profit organizations are invaluable to the communities they serve and deserve our support. They have lower overhead costs, meaning that a greater proportion of donations go directly to those in need.

They are also at greater risk of being closed without this help. The happiness that comes from serving others is what they live for. Passionate members of the community who invest their time and energy in something that moves others forward, in whatever way, have our deepest respect.

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