9 Day Home Buyers 2

Fill out the form. We will contact you and offer you a fair offer in cash. If you like it, we’ll agree on the closing date you choose.

How can I get a fair offer?

Our success depends on us offering you an offer that works for both of us. We buy homes based on market numbers instead of trying to negotiate the lowest possible price. In fact, making these types of offers goes against what our company represents. The better our offers, the more homes we’ll buy. The more homes we buy, the lower our costs will be. The lower the costs, the better our offer will be.

How do we calculate our offers?

Our exact formula… [Offer] = [Post-Repair Value] — [Cost of Repair] — [Cost of Sale] — [Minimum Benefit]

Let’s use the $336,000 ARV. To make your house look improved, we would have a repair cost of $42,000, and let’s say our minimum profit for that house is $20,000. We have everything we need for our previous offer formula. It’s very simple.

[336,000 ARV] — [42,000 repair costs] — [33,600 sales fees] — [20,000minimum profit] = 240,400$ Offer

“So if I did it myself, would you give me more money for it? “

Yes, in theory, but I would warn you not to. Depending on what you do, you may not get the money back you think you will. Here’s why: What if that $42,000 repair cost you $58,000? What if another 6 months go by and you spend money on things that haven’t really increased the value of your home?

In our experience, people who have tried to do everything themselves tend to invest a lot of time and money in a house and it doesn’t turn out better than if we had bought it from the beginning. In fact, most homeowners lose money as a result. Because we manufacture a lot of them, we only work with authorized contractors who we know can keep things working for us and offer us better rates for repeat work.

We may even have leftover materials from previous projects that we can use and include in the offer. Nor do we repair or modernize anything if it doesn’t provide us with a good return on investment (ROI). Real estate agents are actually a fantastic resource for understanding how to sell your home at the best price.

They can tell you what repairs are needed and what are the best updates and designs… if they think you’ll tell them. We work with the brokers ourselves to keep up to date with the trends and let them publish them to us when we are finished.

My advice… let’s do that or sell it the traditional way with a real estate agent. Do we have to renovate all the properties? We don’t have to, but for the reasons described above, it’s rare that we find one that is in exactly the same condition in which we want to sell it. Many properties can now be sold and people just want the convenience of a cash offer. That’s great and if we don’t have to spend money, we can set it to zero.

In the example above, it would look like this:

[336 000 ARV] — [0 repair costs] — [33,600 sales fees] — [20,000 minimum benefits] = $282,400.

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