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The outcome varies depending on the condition of the property and the objectives of the sale.

For homeowners who do not require repairs and have a sufficient amount of time to wait for the escrow process, a conventional listing proves to be an exceptional choice. The process typically follows a certain pattern.

  1. You log onto the internet to calculate the value of your home.
  2. You inquire of your acquaintances, friends, and relatives whether they can suggest a competent agent.
  3. You contact the agent who was suggested to you, listen to their presentation, and without giving it much thought, list your property.
  4. You may sell for a mediocre price and encounter unexpected expenses.

People may be hesitant to initiate the sales process due to incidents like this; however, 9 Day Home Buyers collaborates with customers to identify the most suitable solution for their condition.

Our approach to selling your property quickly involves presenting multiple offers.

Our team provides a platform where you can view and contrast all the possible choices you have for selling. You can assess the effects of choosing between a direct offer or a conventional listing. Afterwards, you can opt for the option that suits your selling objectives the most.

Our process is simple…

Tell Us About Your Property

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We will assist you in examining the various choices available for selling.

We will get in touch with you to schedule a brief meeting.

It is possible to calculate the figures and opt for the option that suits you the most.

All your queries related to selling have been resolved by us.

You Can Sell Faster and for More Money

You have the freedom to choose whether you want to maximize your profit or sell the item quickly.

No matter what state your house is in, we are willing to purchase it. Whether you’re in a hurry to receive payment or prefer to work with a nearby real estate agent for maximum profit, we can assist you.

You can contact us by dialing (403) 774-7464 and we will have a conversation with you over the phone.