9 Day Home Buyers 2

Our field of expertise lies in the acquisition of houses in Calgary as they are, which entails no obligation on your part to conduct any repairs or pay charges such as real estate agent commissions.

In modern times, the usual approach to selling a house is inadequate for numerous homeowners in Calgary. If you choose to sell your property through a real estate agent or by yourself, often the purchaser will anticipate the house to be already in suitable condition for moving into.

This implies that they will anticipate you to carry out all essential repairs prior to presenting an offer. Furthermore, as the seller, you are expected to pay for both the buyer’s and your real estate agent commissions along with settling the final expenses.

I am stating this to make you aware that there are various choices available to you when it comes to selling your house.

At 9 Day Home Buyers, we won’t demand expensive fixes or charge you any expenses. We take care of all the closing expenses, and because we aren’t real estate agents, there are no commissions to be paid.

This process for selling your home guarantees that you can still sell and receive cash, even if your house requires repairs. Often times, this can be done in just two weeks or less.

In case you are interested in obtaining further information about our business and obtaining a monetary proposal for your house, kindly fill out the form provided below or feel free to contact us at (403) 774-7464.

I appreciate your gratitude and am eager to assist you in selling your house.