9 Day Home Buyers 2

The majority of individuals in Calgary who are selling their house are unaware that they have the option to sell it without having to list it on the market.

The customary method of selling a house in the Calgary region is as follows.

  1. You go online to find out the value of your house.
  2. Inquire with your acquaintance or relative if they have a preferred Calgary-based realtor. (Beneath the surface, you actually have no desire to put it on the market and cope with the difficulties of hosting open houses, having strangers inspect your property, experiencing last-minute withdrawal from potential buyers, or having to pay a percentage of the sale price as commission to real estate agents.)
  3. You may have listed your house due to lack of knowledge about other choices, but faced disappointment as closings fell through at the last minute. This happened when the buyers’ financing was retracted or because of other reasons that may lead to anxiety and distress in a standard home sale.
  4. Once you have sold the property, you must deduct the mortgage payments that were made during the waiting period for it to be finalized, in addition to factoring in the real estate agent’s commissions and the stress involved in handling all the details. All of this taken into consideration, one is left pondering their final profits from the sale.

I need to find an alternative approach to selling my house that will allow it to be sold more quickly and with greater ease.

Our approach for selling your property quickly involves presenting multiple offers to interested buyers. This model aims to generate a sense of competition among buyers and encourages them to submit their best offer, resulting in a faster sale of your property.

Our goal was to address the issue that sellers of Calgary houses encounter, providing them with a single platform where they can view all their choices… enabling them to decide if they want to prioritize obtaining the highest possible sale price or if more important to them is the option of a quick and straightforward sale.

This means that you can choose the option that works best for you, whether it’s a quicker sale for cash or potentially getting a higher price with a traditional listing. We aim to provide flexibility and options to give our clients the best possible outcome for selling their home. Increase your market value (with the support of our cash offer).

Our process is simple…

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We end business operations at a respected title company within our vicinity.

You can receive money in your possession within only 9 days!