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Provide information about your residence in Calgary. We will begin evaluating your property and presenting various selling options.


Our offer will be equitable and determined by the current value and state of the item or property; however, we will only propose it if we believe it is advantageous to you.


You have the freedom to select the most suitable sales option for yourself, and there is no compulsion.

What You Can Anticipate: At 9 Day Home Buyers, the focus isn’t solely on figures and buildings; it’s about assisting property owners who are grappling with challenging properties or circumstances. We offer options that you may not have considered when selling your home.

Our approach is quick, equitable, and developed to be beneficial. We will assist homeowners in examining their choices to sell, enabling them to choose the best one for them, and without any pressure or obligation.

Starting anew can be an effortless task when you ponder on the perks of selling your property directly.

Closing the deal quickly can result in significant savings. Opting for a direct sale to 9 Day Home Buyers instead of listing your property can instantly put an end to ongoing expenses such as utility bills, insurance premiums, and tax obligations.

As knowledgeable agents who assist homeowners in Calgary, we simplify the process of evaluating your options for selling. Regardless of your decision on how to handle your undesirable property, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you can successfully sell your house.

When selling your house to 9 Day Home Buyers, you won’t incur any expenses. The need to advertise, exhibit, or refurbish the property does not arise. You will also not have to pay any commissions or undisclosed costs. This approach is the most effortless means of selling a house in Calgary.